Other named NPCs

Balrus- A vampire hunter who has taken up residence in Grimouth. Currently under truce with the Camarilla.

Luna Valentine (D) – A powerful elder, now revealed to have been a Caitiff. Killed by Harvey whilst trying to retrieve the Curse of Abel.

Victor – A notorious Tzimisce elder, Shen’s sire. Known to be at large in Grimouth.

Cynthia- A were from Thornwood. Connected to Dante.

Dinah- Olivia’s sire. Lives in a cave on the beach on an island near St Lucia.

Tech guy Lucius – the Tremere’s resident Technomancer.

Keith – The Ventrue primogen’s second

Dr John Randall – Goodwin Industries’ head of research and Olivia’s pet psychopath. Captured from the Syndicate base in Thornwood in the previous arc. Ghoul.

Olivia Too – Actual name Olivia Thomson. Olivia’s full-time impersonator and bodyguard. Ghoul.

Solomon Jeeves – Olivia’s driver and manservant. Human.

Simon – Head of security at Goodwin, Shen’s ghoul.

Charles- Finance Director at Goodwin, Shen’s ghoul.

Joshua- Head of the local werewolf pack

Lewis- Some homeless guy that Jack knows.



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