In the previous arc

Four neonates; Olivia, Shen, Max and Archie, were summoned to Elysium. Only the primogen were present. To prove their worth to the Prince, they were asked to recover a mystical artifact- a sun orb- from some ruins in the city.
They did this, and were then tasked with helping to discover the cause of a plague afflicting the vampires of Grimouth, a bloodborne drug known as KT.

In a bar known to distribute the drug, Olivia spotted what looked like an invisible vampire hunter. She told the sheriff, who eventually believed her.

Shen tracked down human victims of the drug to investigate its effects and the possibility of a cure, while Max and Archie broke into the warehouse from which the drug was being distributed from with violent intent and got torched.

Olivia meanwhile, was hacking into servers owned by an organisation known only as “the syndicate”. She agreed to stop her work in return for the safe return of Max, who had been torpored. Max remained in torpor for a few weeks and was bloodbound by the Malkavian primogen, Dante.

Faced with stopping the spread of the drug, Olivia opted to take the soft approach, hiring the thugs working in the warehouse. Dante said that he had a truck full of exploding lunatics he needed to explode, and Olivia sent them to the warehouse, where they killed the men who could not be moved with money, and destroyed most of the evidence.

Shen formulated a cure for KT with the help of the tremere, too late for the ventrue primogen, who died and was replaced.

The coterie was then tasked with tracking down the supplier of raw ingredients for the drug. Olivia tracked down a botanist who had recently moved to the city. Infiltrating the house with a ghouled rat with a camera, they found that Balrus, the owner of the vampire hunter bar, came to visit when the alarm was tripped.
Olivia organised a raid, hitting the botanist’s apartment from the air under the guise of filming a movie, and simultaneously cutting all communications in the area with an EMP.
There was an invisible vampire hunter in the flat, but no botanist, instead they found a sizable supply of a plant known as “root of lilith” a vampire purgative, and key ingredient in KT.

Olivia presented the flowers to the Prince and was awarded a favour.

The coterie was then evacuated to the anarch community in Thornwood to avoid reprisal from the hunters. In Thornwood, children were disappearing. A nearby summer camp was a cover for a syndicate base, and they were using the souls of children to cultivate fey creatures known as “the beasts that stare”. Also they had captive werewolves, and a captive kindred that died.
The coterie called in Samuel, the gangrel primogen, to help. John is from this facility.

On their return to Grimouth, the coterie were warned of a returning elder, known as Luna.
Luna had been capturing malkavian oracles and using them as an early warning system, and was searching for the curse of Abel, a mage-made curse that gave great power.

The coterie were told by Dante that Luna must die, but that the person who killed Luna would go on to kill him. Dante also revealed that he was an oracle with the ability to accurately predict his own death.

Harvey, the man that Shen had helped beat his addiction to KT and later ghouled, took initiative, killing the previous bearer of the curse who had been imprisoned in the tomb, and using its power to torpor Luna.
The team then called in Dante, who shot her in the head with a pistol until she died.


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  1. Corvidae says:

    “Dante said that he had a truck full of exploding lunatics he needed to explode.”

    This sounds like my kind of game ;D

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