Grimouth Primogen

The seven stand around the table, each of them holding a chain, and a chain around each of their necks. Toreador wears a mask of comedy, Nosferatu wears a mask of tragedy. Ventrue’s mask is ill-fiting and Brujah’s mask is paper thin. Tremere wears two masks, and Gangrel wears no mask at all. And Malkavian’s mask? Malkavian’s mask is cracking. All seven stare at the burning chair at the table’s head.

-Olivia’s vision


Toreador- Violet LeBlanc. Also the Prince. She is a sham of a Prince and she knows it, in power on the whim of the rest of the council and crippled by her addiction to powerful magical artifacts.

Brujah- Isaac Lordes. Also the Sheriff. A constant presence beside the physically frail Prince. A former movie star, famous for playing the fictional Hunter “Alucard Devonshire” it might seem to some that Isaac is simply another piece in the Prince’s collection, but for all his ire he is surprisingly loyal, and at least attempts to play the game of court.

Nosferatu- Cain (no relation). Also the Keeper of Elysium. Scrupulously well-mannered and genial, he hides behind the assumptions that others make of him on the basis of his clan.

Tremere- Lucius. Holds no other court position. Surprisingly liberal for a Tremere, freed the gargoyles from his chantry upon taking power, instead using birds to relay messages. He is also careful and considered, often waiting for a debate to end before deciding his view.

Gangrel- Samuel. Lives out on Darkmoor, doesn’t really care for court politics. Keeps a pack of wolves.

Malkavian- Dante. Also the Scourge. Also usually on the door at Elysium. He casts himself as a father figure to the other Malkavians, earning their adoration and keeping them in line.

Ventrue- Kristina. The council’s newest member, was a Harpy before the untimely death of the previous Ventrue Primogen, Edward Dickinson, from the effects of the drug K.T.


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