Next week in City of Grimouth (2)

Will Shen have to compete with his sire for his regnant’s affections? 
Will Olivia get blamed by everyone for everything bad ever now that people know that she associates with werewolves? 
Will Jed realize that he has been running around in the same clothes in which he has been torpored twice, and which he has never washed? 
Will the primogen council do anything?
Will the Setites leave the city after a good pub kicking?
Will Eyes ruin everything forever by staking a claim on the Setite’s cairn and using it for weird wraith shit?
Will the Archbishop’s flute music turn out to be some kind of secret sabbat cypher, or is the guy just kind of a narcissist who likes making people listen to him playing music?
Will the Black Hand turn up for some sort of poetry reading?
Will Jack become the new Gangrel primogen?
Find out next week!
We still don’t know what “incredibly evil thing Eyes might make Olivia do” is
My current vote is on “I need to make a dreamcatcher to protect me from bad decisions, please give me Jed”
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