In which Jedivan makes an enemy

Other Olivia buttoned her shirt as Olivia composed herself, willing her Beast to stop rising up in her throat. She shook her head, hoping that Dante knew what he was doing. Still, that phrase, if I die tonight, the very thought was horrible. The possibility of ending up with a malk who was years if not centuries Dante’s junior in his black-and-white shoes filled her with dread.
She smiled to other Olivia as the girl finished brushing out her hair.
“How’d I look?”
“Bit like this.” Grinning, other Olivia mirrored her posture.
Olivia felt herself smirk and shooed her twin away.

“Hey, Shen and I were going to play some Xbox in a bit, did you want to come?”
Jed was still in the penthouse. His back to her, his wings partially unfurled, he stood with his hands in his pockets, horned head bowed. “You called Dante, didn’t you?” His voice shook as he spoke.
Olivia stopped, stunned. “Huh?”
“You heard my conversation with Alistair, you heard me tell him that your primogen was complicit in the Redlister’s presence in Grimouth, and you called him.”
Olivia blinked. “I have no idea what you’re on about.”
“You’re lying.” The gargoyle shook his wings out with a snap and turned to face her. His aura writhed like a ball of snakes, his eyes wild. “I should’ve known that you would lie. Dante’s coming here, that’s why you want me to stay.”
“Seriously, I just wanted to play Xbox. Though if you’re going to be lame about it…” Olivia shrugged as she walked off.
She waited until she was in the lift shaft to call Shen in his lab. “I need you to stop Jed from leaving. It’s important.”
“Well, good evening Olivia. Nice to talk to you too,” said Shen, wryly.
“Yeah yeah, good evening. Please, Shen? Important?”
“Well, alright then. I’ll see what I can do.” Olivia heard the Tzimisce sigh as he hung up the phone.

“Good evening, Jedivan,” Shen walked into the penthouse, stuffing a pair of latex gloves into the pocket of his lab coat. “I’ve just had a call from Olivia and she wants you to stay for some reason. So, as your host, I ask that you allow me to entertain you for the night.”
“I can’t stay here, I think Dante will come to kill me.” Jed stood with his back against the window, fingering the hilt of his sword.
Shen shook his head as he approached. “Dante? You’ll not come to harm in my house; you’re my guest, and the house is secure. Please, you must stay the night.”
Jed backed away, his eyes wide. “I’m a free gargoyle, not a slave. You can’t make me stay here.”
Was the gargoyle implying that he thought Shen would enslave a guest? Shen saw red. “Me, do you harm, while you’re my guest?”
“I can’t stay here,”said Jed. “I feel threatened. You’re threatening me.”
“Fine,” Shen snarled. “Fuck off and don’t come back. I revoke your guest right. Get out of here.”
Jedivan didn’t need to be told twice.

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