In which Jedivan makes a discovery

Morning’s first gray fingers brushed the horizon as Jed landed outside the entrance to the underworld, near Grimouth’s public library, visions of the Setites still swimming in his head.
He had been surprised that the nosferatu primogen had agreed to meet him so near to dawn, but he supposed it was in deference to his rank as an Archon. Smoke rose from his wings as he ducked into the entranceway. The architecture was old, probably dating back to the priory that had existed around Grimouth cathedral, local sandstone.
Cain met him inside. The man was civilised, and clean, unusual for one of the nosferatu, his shirt and slacks neatly pressed.
“Jedivan,” Cain bowed politely. “Welcome to the underworld.”
Jed returned the bow, his wings tilting. “Thank you for having me at such an… early hour.”
The nosferatu primogen smiled, leading Jed down a set of stairs. “Not a problem. I keep odd hours down here. Sometimes I lose track of time down here myself.”

The primogen’s haven appeared to be, for the most part, a large and exquisitely appointed kitchen. Cain stepped inside, washing his hands before putting on a well cared for white apron.
“I like cooking,” he said, conversationally, as Jed watched, puzzled. “And eating, as it happens.”
“But you can’t-” Jed gestured to his stomach.
“Ah, but I can taste it,” said Cain, leaning over to survey the contents of his fridge. “And that’s the important bit.” He reached in, pulling out a handful of fresh parsley, and placed it on the countertop. “So, what can I do for you, Jedivan?”
“I’m looking for a kindred,” said Jed, “Female. Albino. Knowledge of necromancy.” Jack’s description of Blue hair’s contact had been eerily familiar, but he needed to see a picture to be sure.
“Hmm, distinctive,” noted Cain, plucking a bulb of garlic from a string that hung from a hook in the wall. “We have her on the books, definitely. Now, where did I put that file?” He broke a couple cloves from the bulb and began to peel them.
He was waiting for something in return, Jed realised. A trade.
Jed cleared his throat. “I found something interesting last night,” he said.
“Oh?” Cain pulled a knife from a block to his left and started chopping. “Do tell.”
“Victor has been purchasing small independent shops on the east side of town. They form entrances for a secret underground tunnel network.”
“Well, that is certainly interesting.” Cain paused, thoughtful. “Aha,” he said, flicking open a drawer at about waist height, retrieving a slim manilla folder. “Knew I put it somewhere around here. Here you go.”

Jed flipped the file open, feeling a chill as he saw the albino woman’s face in the photograph. A redlister. How could Cain not have known? The file stated her name as “Eyes”, her contacts listed as- Jed blinked, rereading – listed as Dante and Cain. Jed closed the file carefully.
“Thank you for your help,” he said. “I’ll be taking a copy of this.”
Cain nodded. “Quite alright. I’ve had a room made ready for your use.”

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